Liam Maria Gremm
Svetlana Wall
Dirk Sikorski
Peter Koge
Matthias Theves
Chris Schulenberger
Detlef Brand
Tobias Hübsch
Carolin Gremm
S.N.R. Wolfe
Klaus Arnold
Dominik Franz
Hong Chang Kim
Katharina Mihm

Cinematography, Lighting: Jan Klein

Sound: Ben Kalisch

Editing: Stanislaw Schimanski

Sound design: Nadine Radloff

Music/ mixing: Jakob Rohr

With a composition by the young monk Il-Wall

Underwater photos: Björn Dostewitz

Title-Design and Graphics: Eric Tiedt

Set-Assistant and Dramatic Advisor: Adrian Mihm

Production Management: Jeanne Ramin

Production: Katharina Mihm and Hong Chang Kim

Concept/ Director: Katharina Mihm


Filmed in Berlin and Brandenburg, December 2014 - March 2015

Solely financed with own resources

© OPAK, 2017