I wanted to return to the beginnings.

How were the first films actually made ?
That must have been so easy and so nice: Just to take a camera and together with a few friends start somewhere, anywhere, to tell a story.

- Format: digital/ black & white
- 1 protagonist (male)
- Location: Berlin + Brandenburg
- Season: Winter, max. 25 days for the shoot
- Budget. 10.000€

No title and no story.
I reasoned that the less I knew the better I would be able to think and work in the moment itself. As a whole it was intended as an experiment, in the sense of: Inventing the story as we felt. Then whilst cutting the film parallel, thinking about how it could continue.

Originally „Orpheus“ was just a word. The experiment needed a name. „Orpheus“ was neither a character nor a story line, just a rough direction.

Many of the characters resisted the general direction of „Orpheus“ for a long time. For them it was nicer and considerably more amusing quite somewhere else. Not until things where drawing to a close, did „Orpheus“ become clearly recognizable. His most important features: Death, love and music...