Feature Film
Running Time: 90 min.
Format: 4K DCI Raw
Original version: German

In Produktion

Joshua Conens
Script: Andreas Laudert
DoP: Arsenij Gusev
Production Design: Marcelo Alves
Costume Design: Rosa Barz
Make Up Artist: Elena Ziegler
Gaffer: Serafim Gusev
Sound: Christoph Fleischer, Max Pongratz
Editing: Caro Bauermeister

Within one’s grasp: A free, autonomous Germany beyond compulsory education. If young people could simply follow their interests – what would they learn!? CARABA pursues this fundamental question in five jazzy-laconic episodes and walks a tightrope between quirky-humorous and poetic, fairytale-like elements:
The disarmingly naive NURI (8) rides taxi with his father and entertains the passengers; the determined SASKIA (24) does research on a soporific and fights for its recognition; dreamy LOVIS (14) plays table tennis in the park and falls in love with Soljanka; MAX (15) draws spin-drying washing machines and dissipates his energies; whereas JANNE’s (15) destiny leads to fieldwork about family.

CARABA is a story about trust - in oneself and the people around you.

WIR WERDEN SINGEN (Arbeitstitel)

We shall sing (working title)

Feature Fiction
Running Time: 75 min.
Format: HD
Original version: German
Subtitles: English

In Postproduction
Expected completion: Summer 2018

In a dystopic Germany – just a breath away from existent reality - the return of the wolf causes an enigmatic fascination among the citizens. As the journalist Leo Bernstein travels to the Ruhr region to examine the case, his life takes a disturbing turn.


Orpheus Rhapsody

Feature Fiction
Comedy/ Drama
Running Time: 74 min.
Format: HD
Original version: German
Subtitles: English

A young woman wants to shoot a film about „Orpheus in the Underworld“, but in the course of pre-production she falls into a well and dies.
Instead of finding peace in the beyond, she gets stuck here on earth. The reason for this is a lively craftsman from Berlin whom she has met a few minutes before her death by accident. Like a ghost, she restlessly wanders through the meadows of Hades, and dreams about the city, people and love.
But her increasing liveliness entails danger. A stranger appears. He is carrying a mysterious suitcase. Is it Orpheus?
What should have become a film, slowly turns into a peculiar parade of cheerful, lost characters, who are caught somewhere between fantasy and everyday life.
In the end the city is all that remains. A new year begins...

GEGENLICHTER. Suche nach Paul Celan

BACKLIGHT. Searching for Paul Celan

Documentary Feature
Running Time: 70 min.
Format: HD/ super 8/ super 16
Original version: German
Subtitles: English

© e&a Film GmbH , 2011

Produced with the support of the Federal Chancellery of Austria
Special thanks to the RWLE Möller Foundation, Celle

In the film image sequences from Easter and Western Europe keep appearing and disappearing like streaks of light in a dark room. They make up a tapestry of Paul Celan´s life and poetic work. In its search for cinematic equivalents to Celan´s poetry, the film must face the “disintegration of language” and abstraction. What kind of composite image do the few remaining snippets create?



The Last Round

Short Film, Fiction
Running time: 12 min.
Format: DVCAM
Original version: Spanish
Subtitles: German

© Universidad del Cine , Buenos Aires 2008

Brief moments of the daily routine of a suburb of Buenos Aires, which get interrupted by a little girl and a man looking for salt. An odd drowsiness, but also some kind of tenseness seem to spread. At the end this climate leaves a visible mark.

La Oficina


The Office

Short Film, Fiction
Running time: 14 min.
Format: HDV
Original version: Spanish
Subtitles: German

© Universidad del Cine , Buenos Aires 2007

A narrow office. Friday afternoon, heat.
Calmly and filled with joy a principal forces his employee to get done unnecessary work. Then the employee locks themselves in the office and throws the key through the window.
Strange things start happening...




Short Film, Fiction
Running time: 11 min.
Format: HDV
Original version: Spanish
Subtitles: German

© Universidad del Cine , Buenos Aires 2006

Victor, Marcello and the beautiful Eva get drunk in a bar. The conflictual love relationship between Eva and Victor seems hopeless: Obviously the three of them are on the run. Something is wrong, they are scared. Someone observes them, watches their intimacy – and comes closer. They made an oath not to talk about ‘him’, but they can’t.
Three characters, who realized that they aren’t real try to fight back.